May 10th, 2017, 12:23 am

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Ohhh yeah bby!

Thanks a lot for reading Inneko, for your comments and your favs, I absolutely love them!
Holle, May 10th, 2017, 12:23 am Reply
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He so deserved that, he can't/shouldn't even get upset at her
But now our cinnamon roll is upset that they are fighting. He feels it's his fault even though it isn't. Are the parents home? Will they wake up?
@yasha.queen: Yep! Just like that xD and no, their parents are not home, that's why they're not really worried about all that noise lol
@Holle: wonder then if they are so loud that the neighbors will complain??
BAAAMMMM!! she's so cool. I don't usually like violance but that was actually cool :D
Mad respect for her! I love her!
@NekoSeiboy: Yes! Who do you think could win? >:D
@Holle: Nah-uh. Cat lady has gotta win this one. THIS BOY IS GOING DOWN(They'll sell paintbrushes made out of his whiskers, in the dusty little souvenir shop)! I'm putting a million on her. All in good fun, of course : D
(But seriously, don't gamble too much*pushes up glasses*, it's bad for you. Think you're a compulsive gambler? Open up a new tab and search for 'gamblers help'. Resources relevant to your country should come up. If not, there's no rule saying you can't look at sites not made for your country.)
Hit him agian noke

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