March 15th, 2017, 1:58 am

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I absolutely loved all the possible answers you suggested on last page ( ・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)! Keep 'em coming hahaha!

Thanks a lot for reading!!
Holle, March 15th, 2017, 1:58 am Reply
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It's obvious that what ever he was doing in your sisters room it was doggy style!!
Awwww, overprotective brother X3
@lexiloulou6: How would you react
@Belfry218: I would have grabbed the knife in my kitchen and started counting to ten, i'm that overprotective
The pup has gotta find his bark.
@NekoSeiboy: I'm just stating the obvious!!
@NekoSeiboy: it's all good!!
This is amazing! Keep up the amazing work!
Poor inu, he is so cute! ~
@Bububu: Thank you soo much!
I wish i had an overprotective brother like that......but im the oldest thou
SHIT! Why are you so aggressive, Kone? There is enough Inu to go around. *wiggles eyebrows* >W<

Because, let's face it. Neko and Inu wouldn't go at it with strangers. *wrinkles nose* They don't have the personality for it. *whispers* Plus, Neko is SECRETLY dating Ratboy! I have yet to prove it, but I believe it COULD happen. C:
@NekoSeiboy: Aww but even if it doesn't take that path I really love reading your ideas! :3 All of them!
Oh. He cares for his sister. But still. What a jerk.
I mean he isbeing s good brother but..give the kid a break please

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