Dream man


May 11th, 2016, 12:48 am

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I'm back! SO sorry for the delay, but here it is, and in a new style! Full colour! This is to practice my colouring style and to give Inneko a new look :3

Hope you like it and thanks for reading! <3
Holle, May 11th, 2016, 12:48 am Reply
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Ooh nice coloring!
@M-24: thanks! <3
It looks great!
@Arcane Allusion: thanks a lot! <3
I agree he is sexy, but leave my poor pup alone. He only has like two chest hairs... Lol
@Hoagie: LOL, I loved your comment so much! xD
I loveeeee the new style it looks so good! And happy ur back!!!! Love the comic !!!
@Creatively Insane: awww thank you so much! <33
louis is so me
I don't know what is more impressive Louis found his dream man OR he realized all that from the guy saying hi
@zero-san: Hahaha I know right! Louis tends to overreact... A little to much lol
That is so my friend
This pages looks so darn cute! I love the colors and it really made the panels pop out *A* Louis is such a cutie!
Yaaaas I'm a new reader and I love this. It's just very funny to me and so far this is my favorite page. Louis' face XD
Louis is literally me, bless this character. Currently shipping Ryu and Louis so hard.
Louis he jsut say hi xD

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