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April 14th, 2016, 9:04 pm

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Inneko has made it to de 400+ fans and it makes me SO HAPPY!

I can't believe it <3 there's not enough words to thank ALL OF YOU :3 I really mean it, thanks for the support, for the love, for the comments (I read every one and I LOVE them <3) and for being here and give Inneko a chance :3!

Keep reading because there's lot of surprises and love and angst and much more >w> hahaha thanks again!! ^^
Holle, April 14th, 2016, 9:12 pm Reply
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:D You deserve it! :) keep going!
@imaqt16: Thank you so much! <3
Its a great comic thats why you get so many fans.
@Hoagie: Aww thank you!
very cool congratulations for the 400 fans!!!
@aleis: Thanks!!! ;)
Hello! Will you be updating the comic anytime soon?
@carlyanne: Hi! Yes! I'm so sorry! I've been too busy lately but yeah, I'll update soon so don't worry, I'm still around here! x3
@Holle: YAY! Take your time. Just glad it hasn't been abandoned.
Hah, not sure if Inu's shirt is going on or coming off, but Cat boy is definitely very interested in this.
Thank you for the updates and for sharing this comic, too! *A* Looking forward to reading more. Yay for more fans! ^^
Hi, i'm french Hello i'm french and a new fan !
Salut je suis fran├žaise et une nouvelle fan !

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