March 14th, 2016, 2:38 pm

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Louis is a little (too) nervous! >w<

Thanks for your comments <3!
Holle, March 14th, 2016, 2:38 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 17th, 2019, 7:52 am Reply

oh mai, he is cute and she's so adorablues..
Nice use of "kid". I hope he becomes one the twos boyfriend.
criticism @Holle: I really don't want to be mean here but I hope you know there are probably enough clones of this type of comic for every single person on Earth and it's really shitting up the Smackjeeves community: BL, furry, set in Japan w/ Japanese names, every boy is gay for some reason, stereotypical 'bad boy' character, girl who gets way too emotional over someone she doesn't even know (noke when she finds inu crying)... The list goes on, and I really do think you have talent, but you're not using it to your advantage when your comic literally looks like every single other one on the site. I seriously don't think I can find one comic set in, I don't know, any other country besides Japan and America? Maybe someone can do Armenia? Cambodia? Iceland? There's a million different countries to choose from, some provide way more interesting social norms and landscapes. Not that hard. Maybe make it a little more realistic, too. I can easily say that new students never have random people come up to them and just instantly befriend each other. They usually already know people from middle school. You should know this because you probably are in high school (so am I). Stop making every male character gay/girly, because it's really embarrassing, and living in real life for 5 minutes it's easy to see that MOST high schoolers aren't very drag-friendly, these people would probably be ostracized, and so would the girl for siding with them. I don't really want to go on ranting but I hope you grow out of this generic deviantart bl phase and develop this into something more unique and interesting and, like, actually good.
@XVCII: OR OR-and hear me out! You can not fucking read it and find something else for your oh-so-superior tastes. No one is forcing you to read, and if it's so typical why even click on it?

Did you not read the summary? Or did you see it explained exactly what this was and ignore that just so you could read to the current page and bitch?

The art is adorable and FYI comics are not real life. If the author wants it to be a highschool or world of animal eared gay maes then so be it. The story is cute, and if it's really not your speed no one forced you to click, and as I said earlier,it's made clear from page one as it is.

How about you go create your own Icelandic,racist, homophobic 'real life depressing as fuck' comic and show off how original you are instead of trying to tear someone's work down?
@Guest: Awwwww thank you so much!!
@XVCII: Uhmm yeah, I got your point, and I know my comic is not the most original on its type but hey, I just do this for fun, I actually work as a full-time illustrator and I make a living out of it, so I have other kind of projects that are different from this "manga kind of things with the typical stereotypes".

Yep, this is a comic I created since I was in high school (not anymore) and I know how things work, and yeah, there are a lot of cliches in it, but I really have fun and I really enjoy doing this, so I just want you to take it easy, this is just a hobbie out of my everyday work, i'm not forcing anyone who don't like this kind of things to read it, you're free to search another type of comics, that's all

Btw, what's the problem with making them gay/girly? Just in case you didn't know, this is a BL comic, GAY comic, and I think I made it clear in the description AND the first page, so you were warned. Please don't come with things like that.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! But once again, if you don't like this type of things, I kindly ask you to go somewhere else.
@XVCII: hey yo if you're an artist you know that getting this stuff for no reason feels like shit! not everyone wants criticism and maybe the author isn't making this to make you happy. Maybe it's a stress reliever or maybe they're trying to improve their art, or hell maybe it's just for, you know, fun! I can pretty much guarantee that the only people shitting up the smackjeeves community are shitty people, so maybe shut up a litt? or even a lot if you're feeling generous. You're gonna have to realize that not everything is tailored to suit your needs. Yes this is a comic that has very many similar themes as other comics. But, you know, there are about fourty billion animes just like shitty fuckin... bleach or whatever. And you know what? people like it! So maybe did you ever think it was popular for a reason? Did you ever stop to think 'hey maybe people are creating this theme because a lot of people enjoy it'? And even if YOU don't, well hey! then it's not made for you! nothing here is made for you! so if you want to talk uncreativity and shitty whatever, go talk to the hundreds of people running sprite comics on this site, or go talk to every single romance movie director, or go talk to every single 12 year old with a furry oc, or go talk to every lets-player, hell I could name a MILLION different things that people have produced similarly over and over and over again, but you know what at least they're doing more than you are right now. I know you aren't making shit worth reading because if you were you wouldn't make shitty 'criticisms' like this.
(p.s. the characters are not all gay "for some reason". They're gay for the same reason because it's a bl. boys love. a story about gay boys. Lots of them. Idk what your point was there.
@sharkbaitsenpai: Aww thanks for this!

I really don't have a problem with taking criticism, but only when it's done correctly, constructive and with reasonable critiques.

I love to read opinions and take suggestions of the people who read my comic, but being just plain rude is NOT the option!
@XVCII: what is your problem!? Find a life!!! ...dork...
@XVCII: Honestly, I agree with you, this comic is really an orginal stereotypical comic, and it has its cringe moments just like this page, but it's still good and sometimes you have to overlook those things to see the beauty in it. Also I know that the reply are just trying to back up the author but their hate comment are unnecessary and rather childish behavior. You can just kindly state that their wrong and that they should not read it if they don't like it. I somewhat understand the hate comments meaning and reason but they don't have to cuss and be so rude about it, even if the comment was rude in return. Your comment may seem as rude, but it's really not your just stating the facts and your own opinion. That overall is my opinion and if I may add, I don't think the author should credit the amount replies rude statements, even if you feel insulted and happy someone is backing you up, it just seems rude in return. Please don't take this the wrong way, author-chan.
@Panderz: Don't worry, nothing wrong with your comment :).

I understand XVCII point, and I don't have a problem at all with it, everyone has its own opinion and we should respect that, but the choice of words he (or she) used were kind of rude, there's too many ways to express ourselves that don't need to be that hostile. The same goes to the replies (Which I replied because I felt their support and love for what I do, and that's something I'm really thankful with).

But thanks a lot for your comment! I hope you keep enjoying this, which in the end is the most important thing :3.
This is so adorable. I can't wait for the next page
@rocky1605: thank you!! <3
@Holle: and yeah i love your art its amaizing! SO CUTE...
@Gvo2denovic: Aww thank youu! x3
Omg! Louis freaking out is cutest thing! :3
Dont care What anybody says...or writes i like your art i like the style i love your plot, yeah it makes me angry but hey thats what i like about it.
i love u and i love this and i love cliches and i love everything and and <3
pls just appreciate the perfection of ryu and louis
What animal is teacher

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