Inneko: When cat meets dog


July 31st, 2015, 2:01 am

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Welcome! BEWARE: My art style has changed a lot (A LOT) since I started this because it's been a long path of improvement and experiment, so expect different proportions, colouring styles and things like that, but it has the same essence so... yah, that's it xD please enjoy!

Hi! Welcome to my second webcomic, it has shounen-ai (boyxboy) content, so you're warned! It is a project I had since I was in High School (Long time ago) and now I'm remaking it so... here it is! It had lots of drama, and love and humor and angst and... well, feel free to read it :3

Btw, sorry if there are any mistakes in the grammar or things like that, english is not my first language but I'm trying to get better at it, hope you like it! :D
Holle, July 31st, 2015, 2:10 am Reply
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Juju~ Ya vine con mis comentarios :v
:3 Aww! After talking about them, I really want to see in this comic what you are planning for them all! I'm so excited!
Hable inglés, milagro del siglo :v
Me sentí rara poniendo eso, no suena a yo D:
Nadie me entiende aquí y me siento shida por eso :v
@Varilolis: Pelele :v
@Holle: cállese stupida
I'm rereading it and I will try to comment one very page, I locw this, adorsble. My first rhought qaa "yep, your gay cat boy."
@Terrafire32: Haha aww thanks a lot! I loved every single one of your comments! <3
@Holle: your welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed them, some were hard to think of but im glad you enjoye ditd

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